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Hi, many thanks for checking out our site and considering us for your works. My name is Russell O’Halloran and I’m the owner of RH Insulation Ltd. I’ve been involved in Buildings, Upgrades, Restorations and Retrofits for over
20 years.

I just love the challenge presented by an outdated building fabric that doesn’t suit today’s modern living standards and turning it into a family home.
I suppose my love for these works come from my childhood when my parents bought a 200 year old house that hadn’t been lived in for 15 years. My evenings, weekends and summers were spent working on the house and outbuildings – helping the various builders and trades, driving diggers and tractors, learning all about the building fabric and how everything worked together. Indeed my main Leaving Cert (showing my age now) subjects were Construction Studies, Woodwork and Mechanical Drawing, gaining A’s at higher level in all of them.

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I really love to be at the forefront of technology and learning, throughout the years I’ve added to my primary degree with:

  • MBA from the Smurfit Business School - Help me to manage and develop the business
  • PM-Bok Project Management - How to manage individual project
  • NSAI Level 5 – Insulation Technical Aspects of Building Insulation
  • NSAI BER - Understand how the building fabrics effect the energy rating of a build
  • Lean Six Sigma - Efficient management of resources, materials and tools
  • Teagasc Green Cert - Reflecting my country roots
  • National Wood Flooring Association - Wood Floor Installation and Refinishing Training


Although it has to be said that we never finish learning. We simply build on our experience with the new challenges that each job presents. Thankfully 20+ years of experience and continuous learning really helps to structure the various challenges and find the best solution for our clients and their home.

We are always here to help, be in general advice, pricing, moisture issues, just call on 087-6089310, drop us a WhatsApp or fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you.

For more information check out our YouTube Channels RH Insulations Ltd, RH Wood Floors Ltd

Kind Regards,
Russell O’Halloran
Managing Director
RH Insulations



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